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Add your name and our drivers’ movement to win the voice, benefits, and protections we deserve.

Who we are

We are drivers. We’re behind the wheel of every Uber and Lyft ride. We’re responsible for the billions in profit these companies and their investors are pocketing every year. 

Some of us drive long hours every day. Some of us drive part time for extra cash. Some of us are immigrants, building a new life for our loved ones. Some of us have fallen on hard times, earning money any way we can. What do we have in common? We all of us deserve better. 

why we're uniting

Drivers want a voice. Because drivers are isolated, companies have the power to take advantage of us. That’s why increasing out of pocket expenses and shrinking ride fares have drivers struggling as investors and executives grow wealthier than ever. It’s shameful. 

But we know a better way is possible. Working together, we can fight back against unfair deactivations and cuts in our pay to win a better future for ourselves and our families. 

What we can win

We can win a better life. Forming a union gives us a voice in decisions that impact us. It doesn’t mean losing flexibility, it means gaining the power to help set the rules. That’s what the companies are so afraid of. It’s why they’re working so hard to scare us and trick us. 

A union gives us strength in our numbers to win things like better wages, benefits such as healthcare and vehicle maintenance, and protection against deactivations and unfair treatment. It gives drivers the powerful voice for change that we so desperately need. But we can’t do it without you. 

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